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Charmingly flanked by the picturesque Corio Bay and the serene Barwon River, Geelong is renowned for its stunning waterfront precinct and vibrant cultural scene. Offering a unique coastal lifestyle, bustling food and arts scene, and proximity to Melbourne make it an attractive destination for those seeking a relaxed seaside life while staying connected to the metropolitan centre. AgentSpot connects sellers with high-performing real estate agents in Geelong with a track record for selling homes in your area.

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Geelong's picturesque coastline, diverse economy, and vibrant arts and culture scene have solidified the city's reputation as a desirable place to live and invest. With renowned galleries and innovative performance spaces like the Geelong Performing Arts Centre, the city draws culturally-minded buyers. Additionally, ongoing infrastructure development, along with growth in the health, education, and advanced manufacturing sectors, highlights Geelong's potential for long-term prosperity. Experienced local real estate agents often have their own catalogue of potential buyers already interested in the area. AgentSpot connects sellers with up to five real estate agents in Geelong who provide personalised proposals for your property, including fees, marketing costs, and home appraisal, within two business days.


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Wollert, Vic

Found an agent within two days with AgentSpot & had my home online within a week! Made the process of finding an agent much easier than last time. Would definitely use it for all my future properties.



Pimpama, QLD

Well needed service. Looking forward to my home selling so I can claim my $500 bonus!


Ormeau, QLD

Game changer. Having five appraisals really showed me a true estimate of what my property is worth & which agents were trying to win my business.

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