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AgentSpot is a faster, easier way for homeowners to find and compare local agents online. Our easy-to-use platform provides sellers with up to five real estate sales proposals within two business days. Connect with high-performing agents and find the right person to sell your home.

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How it started

Our CEO, John Lebar, first saw a need to simplify the property sales process after the passing of his mother. The stress of selling their family home increased as each agent who appraised the property had to be told the same story in person, over and over again. The time-consuming process and exhausting effort of finding a reliable agent sparked the desire for a more convenient way for people to sell their homes.

From mid-2020 to now, we have evolved this simple idea into our mission: make the entire process of finding the right agent to sell your home faster and easier.

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AgentSpot is committed to making real estate easier for all Australians.

Where AgentSpot's going

We continue to look to the future, always working on new ways to improve the property selling process for home sellers and agents alike. We want to make selling a home as quick and problem-free as possible for Australians across the country.

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