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A simple way to increase real estate lead generation

The best way to get real estate lead generation rising is to have vendors that already want to sell their home, find you. AgentSpot puts you in front of people eager to hear your real estate advice.

Working with AgentSpot

If you’ve been asking how to get leads as a real estate agent, we can provide listings from potential clients quickly and easily, so you can take some time back for yourself. AgentSpot is an effective way for new agents or experienced realtors to get in front of certified vendors actively looking for an agent, meaning you could meet new clients already interested in selling.

We only allow up to five agents in each suburb. Heavily contested suburbs affect real estate lead generation for even the most experienced real estate professionals. Less competition in your area develops smoother relationships with potential customers and increases lead generation. Become a member agent within a few minutes, after which our streamlined appraisal process makes it easy for clients to reach out and get to know you.

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How it works

How to start working with AgentSpot

AgentSpot helps increase real estate lead generation.

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    It's FREE and easy to sign up and start.

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    Vendors come to you.

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    Remote appraisals.

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    Only five agents per suburb.

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    $1,000 plus GST flat fee per sale.

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Vendors reach out to you

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Why AgentSpot?

It’s easy

Working with AgentSpot is the best way to increase real estate lead generation. There are so many great reasons to sign up, but here are just a few of our favourites.

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Quick connections

AgentSpot connects you to new listings quickly and easily, meaning you’re free to focus on the more important work, like selling their home.

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Cut down on travel time

Technology makes it easier than ever for people to meet each other. Spend less time travelling between in-person visits that can be challenging to arrange.

Simplified workflow

Staying on top of the workload as a busy agent can be difficult for new real estate agents or experienced realtors. It’s not always obvious how to generate real estate leads online, but AgentSpot can simplify your workflow for you.

Less competition

It’s harder to stand out with lots of competition in the area, affecting lead generation for real estate agents. Each suburb only has four other member agents giving you exclusivity in your specific neighbourhood.

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Happier vendors

Our streamlined platform is easy to use for vendors and agents. Happy vendors reaching out to happy agents makes it easier for both parties to get along.

How does AgentSpot make money?

We charge a flat fee of $1,000 plus GST once the property sells. Our success is tied up in yours.

We know it sounds too good to be true. Waste less time and money buying paid leads. We charge a flat fee of $1,000 plus GST once the property sells. $500 of this amount is then returned to the vendor as a thank you from us. This is significantly less than some other companies, which charge 20% or more. We’ll take care of your real estate lead generation, so you can focus on sourcing potential buyers.

Frequently asked questions

Is AgentSpot available in my area?

Is AgentSpot a new company?

Is there really exclusivity in my area?

Why will vendors use AgentSpot?

Why should I sign up now?

What are you waiting for?

Working with AgentSpot couldn’t be easier, and you don’t have anything to lose by becoming one of our member agents. We have no expectations on how you will perform because that’s down to how many appraisals vendors request in your area - so you can simply go about your day and communicate with vendors via your mobile device, tablet, laptop or PC when you get an appraisal request email. Once you have successfully connected, you can meet up in person or keep it online - it’s up to you and the vendor, allowing for greater flexibility.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up via our agent portal page to access eager vendors in your area and discover a modern, simple way to create real estate leads that can lead to more successful sales.