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Colloquially referred to as the second capital of Queensland, Townsville offers a relaxed tropical lifestyle without giving up capital city comforts. Considered one of the sturdiest regional economies in Australia, Townsville stands out for its combination of resilience, diversity, lifestyle and impressive economic potential. AgentSpot connects sellers with high-performing real estate agents in Townsville with a track record for selling homes in your suburb.

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Townsville is a vibrant city with access to a diverse range of outdoor recreational activities, world-class education facilities and affordable housing. The solid economic growth in North Queensland has impacted the local property market with an influx of interested buyers hoping to secure a foothold in the strengthening real estate of Townsville, QLD. North Queensland’s unique tropical coast environment and extreme weather can impact the amount of time a home spends on the market and may affect the final selling price if not carefully considered when promoting to prospective buyers. Connecting with local agents familiar with the seasonal trends of Townsville’s property market can help a homeowner reach the right buyer at the right time. AgentSpot allows sellers to find and compare the best real estate agents in Townsville; each agent you choose provides a free personalised proposal, including fees, marketing costs and home appraisal.


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Wollert, Vic

Found an agent within two days with AgentSpot & had my home online within a week! Made the process of finding an agent much easier than last time. Would definitely use it for all my future properties.



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Well needed service. Looking forward to my home selling so I can claim my $500 bonus!


Ormeau, QLD

Game changer. Having five appraisals really showed me a true estimate of what my property is worth & which agents were trying to win my business.

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