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30 December 2023 / 4 min read

Preparing your home for the holidays.

As the days tick down to the start of your holidays, there's more to the pre-holiday checklist than simply packing your bags and hitting the road or catching that flight. Ensuring a truly relaxing break involves a bit of pre-holiday preparation for your home.

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Caring for pets.

If your holiday destination accommodates pets, you're all set. Otherwise, consider these options for your pets' well-being while you are away. Boarding kennels are ideal for less anxious cats and dogs—research and recommendations can help you choose a reputable facility. If you can, visit some boarding kennels to see how they look in person. For pets more comfortable at home, enlist a professional pet-sitter or trusted friend or relative. Be sure to provide all necessary information, including medication details and vet contacts.

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Securing Your Home.

Before you embark on your getaway, take steps to secure your home. Inform trustworthy neighbours about your absence, asking them to keep an eye out for anything unusual. Request mail and rubbish bin assistance if needed. Ensure all doors and windows are securely locked, set lights on automatic timers, and maybe use a radio for background noise. Cancel regular deliveries to avoid a buildup of packages. Remind family members not to share holiday details on social media.

Inside your home.

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    Clean out the fridge: Take a peek inside your fridge. Eat, freeze or dispose of any foods that might spoil while you’re gone.

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    Take out the rubbish: If you clean out your fridge its worth reiterating that you should definitely make sure to take out the rubbish before you leave.

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    Fire hazards: Before you leave make sure to unplug any devices or appliances that don’t need power while you are away. Laptops left on charge could pose a fire threat.

Maintaining Your Garden.

After dedicating time to nurture your garden throughout the year, returning to thriving plants is the goal. Follow these tips to keep your garden green:

Maintaining Your Garden:

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    Group potted plants for easy watering by a garden minder. Use saucers under tender plants to catch excess water.

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    Place tender plants in shaded outdoor areas and spray them with a water retention solution like Yates® Waterwise™ Droughtshield™ which can be easily found at your local Mitre10 or gardening store.

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    Apply a soil wetter around the root zone in garden beds to enhance water absorption.

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    Mow the lawn before leaving, avoiding cutting it too low for better moisture retention.


By addressing the needs of your pets, securing your home, and maintaining your garden, you'll set the stage for a worry-free holiday, ensuring you return to a welcoming and well-cared-for home.


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