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25 March 2023 / 5 min read

How soon can I sell my house after purchase in Australia?

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Understanding the financial implications and key considerations.

Unexpected situations can potentially lead you to having to sell your newly purchased home sooner than planned. And if you’ve been asking “how soon can I sell my house after purchase in Australia?”, rest assured there are no specific rules that dictate a specific time frame you can’t sell after settlement. However, there are plenty of reasons to consider whether selling right away is the best move. New homeowners should ensure they think about the potential financial impact and current market trends, to make an informed decision before acting.

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Financial impact of selling soon after buying

While there are no rules in Australia restricting how quickly a homeowner can sell a property after settlement, it’s crucial to be aware of the financial consequences before deciding to sell too soon.

Selling a property within two years of purchasing it often leads to financial losses, even if you achieve a similar price to what you paid. Three key costs to consider include:

Stamp duty

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    When purchasing a property, you’ll need to pay stamp duty, which can be a significant expense. Selling soon after buying means you won’t have the chance to recoup this cost through capital growth.

Cost of marketing the property again

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    Selling your property requires marketing efforts, such as online listings, print advertisements, and professional photography. This can be expensive, and choosing to sell soon after buying means you’ll have to cover these costs twice in a short period.

Mortgage early repayment penalties

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    Depending on your loan agreement, you may need to pay penalties for repaying your mortgage early if you decide to sell your property shortly after purchasing it.

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When selling a house right after purchase works in your favour

Although selling soon after purchasing a property isn’t usually ideal, there are a few opportunities where it could be a better option. For instance, if you face rapidly changing market conditions in your area, like a growth in population or rapidly decreasing prices, a quick decision might help you capitalise on the market trend or minimise your losses.

If you’ve made significant improvements to the property, increasing its value and potentially offsetting the costs mentioned earlier, selling a house soon after purchase takes advantage of the increased value without waiting to see if the property market fluctuates, which could lead to a decrease in value if demand drops.

Lastly, if your personal circumstances change drastically, such as a job relocation or unexpected health issues, selling quickly might be the most feasible solution despite the financial implications.

While there are no legal restrictions on selling a property shortly after buying it, the decision to do so should be carefully considered. If you find yourself in a scenario where you’re asking, “how soon can I sell my house after purchase in Australia?” or “can I sell my house right after purchase?”, be sure to evaluate the various costs involved and make an informed decision on whether selling is the best course of action.

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